5 Reasons To Always Be Yourself

You Are Unique


There is no one on earth exactly like you. You have your own set of talents and skills to share. Your own ideas to present to the world. Your personality is unique to you. What you have to offer the world, no  one will be able to do as well as you.


Everyone Else Is Taken


Why be a replicated version of someone else when you can be an authentic version of your self? Sometimes it may be a challenge to stand out when it seems that everyone else id trying to fit in. But if we were all meant to be the same we would have been created that way. The beautiful thing about our planet is the differences in all the species that exist on it. And since nature does nothing uselessly, be who you are created to be.


Self Love


One of the greatest ways to love yourself is to express who you are freely. Being you no matter what shows self-confidence and acceptance of your own gifts. Loving yourself is the only way to truly be happy. You are the person in charge of your happiness. The truest form of love can only be experienced when being yourself.


True Friendships


It is the best way to find real friendships. Fake friends are often attracted to those who are not being true to themselves. They can become a mirror for us to look with in ourselves. There is an African proverb that states…..”show me your friends and I will show you your character.” Being who you truly are allows you to make the best choices in friendships.


Your Worth It


Some may say being yourself is easier said than done. When you value who you are, being yourself is inevitable. It tells the world that you have self-pride, and know your true worth. Being a genuine person is a virtue. It helps you to discover your own path, so that you will attract the opportunities all your own. The first step in deciding where you want to go in life is to be your self.



Post By: T. Carter