Back 2 School Blues

Summer does not end until the middle of September, but the beginning of the school year has begun. So it is farewell to late nights up watching my favorite shows, and hello to early bed times and early mornings. It is so unfair it seems. I’ll miss rolling out of bed mid-morning, not rushing to deciding what I will do for the day. I’ll miss having no homework, and having home-cooked food for breakfast and lunch. Going back to school means no more cookouts, water parks, or summer festivals. Only long school bus rides, and even longer days in class.

There are some things that I like about going back to school. I like seeing my friends, shopping for school supplies, and getting to play in the school band again. It’s also a reminder that my birthday is near, and all of the fall holidays that are celebrated gives me extra days off. I like the fact that I am in a grade higher than last year and that much closer to graduation. I know my back to school blues will eventually go away, and I’ll be in my new routine in no time. I am excited to see what the 6th grade is all about.