I’m A Queen Crowned In My Curls

Wow, I competed in my first pageant for Miss North East 2017/2018. I was anxious and nervous when pageant weekend arrived. Even though I practiced my walk and routine, my introduction and my smile, I never did anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect. But my experience with my first pageant was a shock. It is much harder than it looks. When we arrived at the hotel, I was so excited, all I wanted to do was get in the pool.



After we checked in we went to the store and bought snacks for the long weekend ahead of us. When we got to the room, we found a nice little surprise that stayed with us the whole weekend. It was a yellow ladybug. My mother says that it was a symbol of luck and abundance. I felt it was true because I even found a few coins! Once we settled in, I put on my bathing suit and my family and I went swimming. I learned how to float and had a great time relaxing before the big day ahead.

My mom decided to register early for the pageant so I met the director and other pageant contestants and received my number while we ate cupcake sandwiches (two upside down cupcakes). That night I got my hair done, and tried to get my beauty rest for the pageant.I slept in a Queen sized bed all by myself, the most comfortable bed ever.


The morning of the pageant, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I started to get nervous. I practiced my routine one last time, and my mom did my nails and makeup.


The time seemed to go by too quickly. We went down to the ballroom for rehearsal, and then it was time to get dressed. After I put on my dress, I looked in the mirror, and was surprised at how good I looked. I looked like a queen, and I was confident I could win. As we took the elevator downstairs I felt like my legs were weak. I was super nervous. I was worried I would forget everything, then I thought to myself, “what would Issa Rae do?” So if I forgot what to say, I would just be funny. My mom told me that it was okay, I looked amazing and beautiful, and she knew that I would do great.

As we lined up to enter the pageant I was surprised at everyones reaction. My dad, and brothers were there to cheer me on, even his co-workers came to see me. He was so happy to see me go on stage he almost cried. I saw all the other little girls, older girls, and even women in there gowns. Everyone looked pretty and sparkly. We walked in the ballroom, and paraded on stage.

Then it was my turn to go on by myself. When I first began my introduction I almost forgot everything and I started to get nervous. I didn’t panic, I said what I remembered, and did my gown walk. I did greateven wearing heels for the first time ever. Once I left the stage, I ran upstairs with my mom to change for modeling, and then again for holiday wear. It was a whirlwind. The longest part was waiting for the awards and crowning. By then my feet were aching and I had to take my shoes off a few times.

When I heard my name called for 2nd runner up in holiday wear and then for Miss North East Preteen Princess, I was both excited anddisappointed. I was excited that I did win something, but disappointed that I didn’t win the crown. The amazing thing about it was that I wasn’t sad, because I already knew that I was a High-Point Queen. Everyone said I did an excellent job, it was my first time. I am excited to do the next one, stay in a hotel, and make new friends. Two things I want all girls to know that “beauty is not only in the face, beauty is also a light in the heart;” and never be afraid to try something new, as long as it’s positive.

Thank you to my sponsors for this event, see you at the next pageant!

Mom and Dad

Holly Ahmed

Dionne Bradshaw

Rodney Carter

Chukwu Lafond

Ernest Moore

Imah Ponce

Daneen Stephens

Nekia Wilson